Can the egg be made perfect?

One can. We can. We do.

We make the egg efficiently processible. Tailor made in accordance to each desired formula. Salted, sugared, with herbs, spices or other ingredients enriched. Entirely according to your wish, formula and specifications proportioned.

Ovoprot's uppermost priority is to maintain the nature in egg and egg products. The production of Ovoprot´s dried egg takes place without any additives or other preservatives. 100 % pure fresh eggs are produced daily on the most highest technological standards and are permanently quality controlled.

High Quality, Consulting & Professional Competence. This is the foundation of our market means. We enjoy world-wide the production responsibilities in processing factories. In well-known Gourmet Kitchens, in Hotel and Catering Culinary and in Product Research Institutes. We stand for our products with our brand mark.

Ovoprot egg products are ingredients of excellent brand marks. Anybody, who delivers to the brand marks-industry has to go through the hardest quality test.

Ovoprot products do this.